There’s basically an app for everything these days, heck some people have met the loves of their lives via an app, so it’s no wonder that apps have been popping up all over the scene throughout COVID-19 restrictions.

While letting technology into our lives can be daunting for some – it is proving to be incredibly empowering during tough times like (like the times we are all currently experiencing).

I’ve noticed many different businesses using apps as a way to help other businesses, to network, to deliver goods, provide advice and so on, so forth.

Despite the COVIDSafe app reaching 6 million downloads, previously being in the top free apps in the Australian app stores, I will not dive into that rabbit hole, as that I believe, is the Australian Government’s job.

What I want to shine a spotlight on, are the apps created by businesses like yours, like ours and like so many!

Ecommerce is HUGE right now, why? I’m going to take a gamble and say that you already know.

However, from that has come huge app usage. As ShopAbility Director Peter Huskins mentioned on the Retail World 360 site: “The global pandemic is also foisting change on the ecommerce sector. For starters, home shopping and click and collect buying have skyrocketed. More people than ever are downloading and using shopping apps.”

Okay I still haven’t reached the whole point of why apps are so useful, so here is a list of some of the apps that have been started to help you out:

Vonto app

This is a free, yes free! Mobile app created by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) and collates data from a range of regularly used business tools, into one platform. This is to help provide small businesses personalised insights and ideas to keep you moving in the right direction.

Check it all out here.

Health Check app

This app by Pollen Consulting proactively assists businesses through COVID-19 looking after employee’s health, whilst ensuring production is not impacted. What does all that mean? It can help with early detection of workplace risks and keep employees fit and healthy, by creating community engagement at the workplace.

Find out more, here.

Humanforce app

Okay, there were some pretty sad statistics that came up not too long ago. Nearly one-third of Australia’s casual workers, many of which work in retail, report feeling lonely in the workplace! Humanforce provides engagement solutions to help employers leverage apps and digital tools that streamline two-way communication with casual workers, and allow employees to take charge of selecting and changing shifts.

Click here to read more.

With only those three apps (and trust me when I say there’s still a lot more helpful apps out there), you can capitalise on daily business insights, be aware of your employees health at all times and also have more control over communication with employees.

Admittedly, I like to keep my apps pages neat and tidy, and only keep the apps that I use regularly, installed on my phone. So, if you’re going down the route of making your own app, make sure it’s precise and compact full of information, so that it makes the cut when it comes to an apps page cull.

The world is changing, and the apps are flowing in – look for something user-friendly, and completes the actual purpose you’d like it to achieve, and not only will it be less daunting, but it may just help the business start booming!