In the beginning Retail Media was a combination of B2B publications who really understood their industries. 20 years later, Retail Media is a combination of publishing, creative services, editorial services and a marketing company that not only understands what you need but can help you get it. Our holistic approach came from the evolution of supporting our communities in the grocery, pharmacy and convenience channels and we are here to offer the services needed to thrive in these markets.

The story of Retail World, originally known as Retail Week, began on September 5, 1947, when the first issue was released.


The Sydney-based publication operated as a locally focused weekly trade newspaper that took a broad, pointed look at general retailing.

By the mid-1950s, Retail Week was gaining recognition and was circulated to department stores, general stores, self-service stores, supermarkets, grocers, delis and leading retailers of groceries, food, toiletries, hardware, and general consumer products.

In 1966, Retail Week was acquired by Australian Consolidated Press along with Foodworld (previously owned by the National Association of Retail Grocers of Australia, NARGA) which was then merged, taking the new name Retail World.

In 1977, NARGA acquired the lion’s share in Retail World from ACP, and by 1980, it was owned by retailers and wholesalers.

In the 1990s, in one of the most successful transactions made by Retail World, it acquired publisher Stirling Media, which had a number of titles including Canteen News, National Dog, and Retail Media’s current leading pharmacy trade magazine, Retail Pharmacy.

In 2000, Retail Media was acquired by The Dobbins Group Chairman and owner Michael Dobbins.

During this decade, Retail Media published a host of publications, including Retail World (including Liquor World and Wholly Organic), Retail Pharmacy, Convenience World, Canteen News, Childcare Australasia, Main Event, Apparel, and Beauty Specialists.

Since 2011, the business has been managed by Retail Media Managing Director Amy Harvey.

Today, Retail Media publishes Retail World, Retail Pharmacy, Convenience World, and Retail Pharmacy Assistants magazines, now elevating its brands including its digital magazines, websites, social media, and in 2020, the new brainchild Retail World 360 platform, growing markets, business and connections.

From humble beginnings, the birth of Retail World coincided with the origin of many brands that have evolved into market leaders in the Australian and global marketplaces.

Retail World is the most trusted and respected source of information for the Australian grocery industry. For over 70 years we have been at the forefront of all the changes, challenges and experiences our industry had faced and will continue to provide the same trusted information and industry insights into the future, servicing the supermarket channel and FMCG trade.

For over 50 years we have published the Retail World Annual Report. This is the most sought-after edition of the year. The publication is highly regarded and anticipated and is commonly sourced by FMCG professionals due to the breadth and depth of information published.

When you choose to advertise in Retail World, we give you a trade marketing platform that’s critical to the success of your brand strategy.

For nearly three decades, Retail Pharmacy has been the leading trade publication in the pharmacy industry. We have always understood the importance a pharmacy has on its community and with an in-depth integrated approach we have provided the most up to date information for both the pharmacy-specific and retail-related business.

We are a respected voice in the industry and understand also the importance of marketing to our audience. Our readers put their trust in us to present to them strong, authentic and sustainable brands that will help grow their businesses, as well as establish them as a valued member of their communities.

For 17 years Convenience World has provided up-to-date news, new product and marketing information, regular category reviews, in-depth special features and a strong business section offering genuine insights into all facets of the world of  convenience.

The convenience industry is operating in a rapidly changing and competitive environment and experts continue to warn us about the strong competition in the marketplace. Through the relationship that we share with our sister publication Retail World we are better equipped in providing in-depth information about the grocery market and can provide a unique approach to how these industries can co-exist. Our definition of convenience establishes the link between convenience stores, suburban corner stores, petrol stations, cafes and grass roots community sporting clubs and emphasizes the importance of convenience in the Australian community.

Retail Pharmacy Assistants was launched in 2019 as a natural fit in our stable of publications, and we understand how important pharmacy assistants are to the industry and to the local communities they serve.

Retail Pharmacy Assistants emagazine, the only pharmacy assistant publication in Australia, provides useful information for PAs personal and professional development, updating their industry and product knowledge to maximise pharmacy performance.

We are the voice for all things health, beauty and wellbeing. We have proven knowledge and expertise in the latest trends, along with the must-have products that will complement your health and wellness community. With an understanding of the pressures of a community pharmacy and the services they need to provide, we live and breathe retail pharmacy, and enjoy working with our assistants to better prepare them within their community demand. We are here to educate and support retail pharmacy assistants and to continue representing the right brands for pharmacies to provide their customers.

We continue to lead the dynamic grocery, pharmacy and convenience trade industries, reporting the news and providing insights and analysis to keep retailers and suppliers up to date on developments and trends in the national and international markets across these  sectors.